Everything I'm saying I'm thinking just now.  Never wrote a word prior to zow!  Bring your fragile ego if you want to hear it break.  Bring your women if like me creaming.  Your soul to take.  Create the dreaming I shant foresake.
"Dude, I've been wondering..."
"Do you know what forsake means?"
"Not a clue.  It just sounded like a savory line.   Lyric.  Lick. Lick lyric.  Get me dick...
"Yeah, yeah.  Before you go off on a legendary tangent, shouldn't you know words prior to using them?"
"You'd think that, however, I suspect you are unfamiliar with one Roberto Dylan."
"Bob Dylan?"
"The one and ornery."
"Was he ever referred to as Roberto... or ornery?"
"Dude, he must have met a Mexican at some point, and those cactus kings don't have the name Robert.  They have the more elegant Roberto."
"You have a unique, albeit I feel I should be offended, point."
"Thank you."
"Not exactly a compliment."
"Well, I'm taking it as one, so fuck off."
"Indeed.  And we're getting away from the point."
"Par exsolance is from which what you detain us.  Shirley you realize that a poet, a true wordsmith, can make new meanings  for preexisting vocabs."
"So if you create the right context you can use a word improperly..."
"Only if you're a master."
"Like Bob Dylan."
"Or me."
"You're a master?"
"Thank you, but I don't need it said out loud."
I washed my balls with your mother's face, and let your dad have a taste.  But only so he would know his place.  UNDER MY TAINT!  {"Wicked guitar solo!"} UNDER MY TAAAAAIIIINNNTT!  Fuck your family.
"I feel like that was a personal attack."
"It's not always about you."
"The timing is just... I'm not accusing."
"Then stop interrupting the rock 'n' boil."
"I know, but boil is so much more intense.  And even where it's gross -- like skin boils -- it's punk rock.  Don't fucking roll your eyes."
"Why is it anytime music is shitty or pointless people describe it as punk rock?  As if making it punk automatically validates shit."
"You just don't understand.  Good music doesn't conform.  It defies definitions."
"Don't you dare."
"That's why I don't have to use the meaning society has imposed on words."
"You motherfucker."
{Hard guitar strum} "Punk rock!"    

I did not mean to be coeval.  You just think I am.  But you can't stand your ground cause it's running too quick.  In a jam.  In a jam! Spoon me out and lick the broom. Dust all over the fucking room. Spume!  Yeah!  Spume! Yeah!  SPUME SPUME SPUME!!!   YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHHH!!!!


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